Hydra web wallet

IMPORTANT! When using a web wallet such as this one, please make 100% sure that you're entering the correct URL which is:


There is no other URL being used for the web wallet, please be safe and verify the padlock with "Secure" in the URL field which validates the site.

Welcome to the HYDRA web wallet user documentation which will show

Introduction to the Web Wallet

The HYDRA web wallet runs in your browser and connects to the HYDRA network through a full node interface. The web wallet does not store your private keys so you must manage those with a downloaded Key File or seed words. This is completely your responsibility.

The web wallet may be launched by navigating to the site listed above.

Upon loading the web wallet, we get this very important warning, please take a few seconds and read it.

Welcome to the HYDRA web wallet! As shown below the left panel gives a menu with various options to create or restore a wallet, and other actions. The top of the menu gives seven choices for creating or restoring a wallet. The bottom of the menu gives various operations and configuration choices. The center part of the wallet page presents forms for data entry, viewing and management of the wallet assets.

The menu option Settings will allow selection of language and setting the wallet to work on Mainnet or Testnet. Select the desired network before restoring a wallet or entering a password.

The HYDRA web wallet works with HYDRA standard addresses which begin with a "H" (legacy), and is not compatible with SegWit (Segregated Witness) addresses that begin with an "M" (p2sh-segwit) or "qc1" (bech32).

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