Key File Option

Open the webwallet under

Now choose the first option on the menu screen above and click on the red GENERATE NEW WALLET button.

Next, you will enter a password which will be used to create a series of private keys. Write down a new long and strong password, enter the password and click the blue CONFIRM button:

Now click the large green button to download the Key File:

The Key File will download to your computer, save the file in a location you can find again and back up the file offline.


Before sending funds to your new address we recommend uploading this key file back to the webwallet in order to verify you have ownership of the correct address:

Step 1. Select 'Restore from key file'

Step 2. Select 'upload'

Step 3. Select your backed up key file

Step 4. Enter your password and click 'Confirm'

Step 5. Take note of your address and ensure that you are sending funds to this address. Click to reveal your private key and store this in a secure location.

You will need this Key File and the password to access the wallet. If you lose the Key File or password and your private key the funds in your wallet will be lost.

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