Ledger Nano Guide

The Ledger Hardware wallet is a device that can store your private keys in a secure manner. This guide describes how to use your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano X for managing your digital assets on Hydra.

1. Requirements

Before you begin make sure that the following steps have been completed:

1.1. You have initialized your Ledger device

1.2. You have updated your device with the latest firmware

1.3. You have installed the Ledger Live application on your computer

1.4. You have installed the Bitcoin app through Ledger Live

2. Install the Hydra App

To manage Hydra assets with a Ledger Hardware Wallet you need to install the official Hydra App:

2.1. Open the Manager menu in Ledger Live

2.2. Connect and unlock your Ledger device

2.3. If asked, give the necessary permissions by pressing the right buttons

2.4. Find the Hydra app in the app catalog

2.5. Click the Install button of the app

2.6. Wait for the installation to finish

3. Connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet

Currently you can use your hardware wallet with Hydra's web wallet for sending and receiving hydra. To connect your Ledger device to the web wallet follow these steps:

3.1. Connect your Ledger device to your computer

3.2. Unlock your device

3.3. Open the Hydra app

3.4. You should see the text "Appliation is ready" after you open the app

3.5. Open the web wallet: https://webwallet.hydrachain.org/

3.6. Double check the address of the web wallet and make sure it is the same as the one provided above.

3.7. Click on the “Restore from Ledger” button

3.8. Click on the “Connect” button

3.9. Allow the export of your public key on the Ledger device by pressing both buttons together

3.10. Click on the green padlock icon (Advanced users: you can change the derive path here if you have a different wallet setup)

3.11. Allow the export of your public keys on the Ledger device again

3.12. Choose the public address you would like to use inside the wallet by selecting the green padlock icon

3.13. You should see the balance of your selected address

Sending HYDRA

To send Hydra you need to complete all the steps in "Connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet" section and choose an address from which you would like to send Hydra. Once ready, you can follow these:

4.1. Open the “Send” page by using the button in the left navigation menu

4.2. Enter the destination address and the amount you would like to send

4.3. Click on the confirm button

4.4. Enter the destination address again and the confirm button

4.5. Allow the export of your public key on the Ledger device

4.6. Review the transaction on your Ledger device and make sure that the amount and destination address are correct. If everything is correct continue by pressing both buttons when the "Accept" confirmation appears on the screen

4.7. Review that the change address and change amount are correct on your Ledger device

4.8. Confirm the transaction on your ledger device

4.9. If everything is correct the Raw TX field in the web wallet should be filled with the transaction data

4.10. Click on confirm to finalize the transaction and broadcast it to the network

5. Receiving HYDRA

The Ledger only manages your private keys. For receiving Hydra you just need to export your public address from the hardware wallet. Complete all steps from the Connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet section and go to the Request Payment page in the web wallet.

6. Support

You can contact us at any time using our contact form or joining our official Telegram group.

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