Security Audits Hydra Bridge
The Hydra bridge is a very important and sensitive element of the ecosystem, as it supports or makes possible everything else that will be built on the Hydra chain.
The bridge was built with scalability in mind.
This not only applies to the technical capabilities, but also extends to the design principles and safety procedures. Getting the approval of trusted security auditors was onle one of many steps, as potentially billions of USD worth of assets will be moving through it.
A total of 4 audits were performed, consisting of one internal and three external
Beosin - (HYDRA) Smart_contract_security_audit_report_hydra_bridgesolidity_v0_5_4.pdf
Beosin HYDRA Security Audit
Beosin - (ETH) Smart contract security audit report - hydra-bridge(main).pdf
Bosin Ethereum Security Audit
KnownSec Lab - HYDRA Smart Contract Audit Report (1).pdf
KnownSec Lab Security Audit
Hydra - CertiK Security Leaderboard
Certik Security Audit on HYDRA Bridge
KnowSec Lab (CN) - HYDRA智能合约审计报告.pdf
CN Security Audit on HYDRA Bridge
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