LOC ERC20 → HRC20 Swapping Guide
In this guide, we will walk you through the process of swapping your LOC from the Ethereum chain to the Hydra chain.
The swap is very simple, effective, and easy to execute with multiple protections against a mistake. You first map your Ethereum wallet to your new Hydra wallet using an on-chain transaction (one-time). From that point onward, once the wallet is mapped, you can send your LOC from the mapped Ethereum wallet to the swapping address and our system will automatically know to which Hydra address the swap should be executed to. If our system detects an incoming LOC transfer from a wallet that is not mapped, it will return the transfer back.
The steps included in the guide are as follows:
Step 1 — Convert your Hydra wallet address into the proper encoding (~1 Minute)
Step 2 — Sign on-chain message to map Ethereum wallet to Hydra wallet (~2 Minutes)
Step 3 — Submit Google Form (~1 Minute)
Step 4 — Send your LOC (~2 Minutes)

So here we go…

LOC that are stored on the exchanges HitBTC and Kucoin will be swapped automatically. No need for manual intervention from your side.
This guide assumes that you already created a Hydra wallet. This comes as a prerequisite for the swap. If you don’t have a Hydra wallet yet, please create one first (3 options provided below).
Option 1: Create your Hydra wallet from the Webwallet
Option 2: Create your Hydra wallet from the desktop wallet (for stakers)
Option 3: Create an offline wallet (self-made hardware wallet)
The first thing you need to do is to map your Ethereum wallet to your Hydra wallet. Ethereum allows you to submit text information as an appendix to a standard transaction, which gives you a very easy way to broadcast the Hydra wallet through a transfer that you sign with your Ethereum wallet. The only requirement is for the text to be converted into a different encoding (but don’t worry, it is a one-click thing we show below).
Here is how to do it.

Step 1 — Convert Your Hydra Wallet address into the proper Encoding (~1 Minute)

We will be performing an ASCII text to HEX encoding conversion. Please go to this encoder tool and enter the fields as shown in the screenshot below:
Box A → Enter your Hydra wallet address as standard text. This will be the wallet you receive your swapped LOC into. Make sure to delete any spaces before and after the address.
Box B “Character Encoding”→ Select “UTF-8”
Box C “Output delimiter string”→ Select “None”
Now click on “Convert”, which will return you the encoded string as shown below. This is your Hydra wallet address converted into HEX encoding which we will use for the Ethereum transaction in the next step.

Step 2— Sign On-Chain Message to map Ethereum wallet with Hydra wallet (~2 Minutes)

Access your Ethereum wallet (from which you want to swap your LOC from) through MyEtherWallet (MEW). You can also use a different wallet provider, but in this guide we will be using MEW.
You can connect to MEW directly from your MetaMask, Nano Ledger S or Trezor wallets. You can also access it with your mnemonic words or your private key.
Once you are inside your wallet, navigate to the “Send” section (on the left). Now enter the fields as described below:
Type → ETH
Amount → 0 (empty transaction)
To Address → You can enter your own Ethereum address here. Since it is an empty transaction, it does not matter to whom you send it. We are simply sending a transaction just so we can append the Hydra wallet and broadcast it on the blockchain. This step verifies that the owner of the Ethereum wallet (You) has publicly acknowledged assigning to the new Hydra wallet.
Now click on “Advanced” and into the “Add Data” field and enter the encoded string you generated in the previous step. This will append the message to the transaction and broadcast it together with the transaction.
Hint: If it accepts your string (shown by the green checkmark), you copied the right one. If there’s an error, double-check if you completed the encoding conversion correctly in Step 1.
→ Submit the transaction and wait for it to be confirmed by the chain.
Hint: You will need a small amount of ETH in your wallet, to pay for the transaction fee.

🎉 Congratulations! You have successfully mapped your Ethereum Wallet to your new Hydra Wallet! 🎉

You can check in your transaction link whether you assigned the correct Hydra address. Simply go to your transaction on Etherscan and unfold all transaction details through “Click to see More”.
Click on the View Input As dropdown and select “UTF-8”. You will see your submitted Hydra wallet address in a readable way.
Most of the work is done now! All that’s left is to initiate the swap.
For your convenience, we have developed a tool that will allow you to observe the process of your swap in real-time. Swapping is as easy as sending a transaction.

Step 3— Submit Google Form (Anonymous) ~ 1 Minute

This step notifies us about the wallet mapping that you have made in the previous step and acts as your confirmation that it is valid. It is important to understand that prior to this step you can make as many map experiments as you want.
Our system will use only the specific transaction hash that you submit to us via the form and will disregard any broadcasted messages that have been made on the chain but have not been submitted via the google form.
Please fill the form below, which is fully anonymous.
Verification Hash
→ This is the transaction hash of the empty transaction you signed in the previous Step 2. Our system will automatically capture and validate the Hydra wallet address.
Hydra Wallet Address
→ This is the Hydra wallet address, for which you signed the empty transaction. This is just to make sure you are providing an identical manual confirmation on the wallet address that matches the wallet that you have broadcasted through the blockchain. If there’s any discrepancy, no processing will take place and any received LOC will be returned.
Once you have submitted, your submission will show in the swapping sheet below:
The screenshot above shows how it should look like if you have done all previous steps correctly. You will see all the details of your wallet mapping, including the Ethereum wallet you want to swap FROM, and the Hydra wallet you want to swap TO.
Column “Hydra Wallet (Form)” shows the wallet address you submitted via the form. Column “Hydra Wallet (Signed Input)” shows the wallet address you signed on the blockchain.
Only if both of these match, your mapping was successful (shown by the green color on the right). If they match, your mapping is complete and valid.
From now on, any LOC we receive from this Ethereum wallet will be swapped to your mapped Hydra wallet.
If the wallets do not match, but we still receive LOC from you, we will return them to your Ethereum wallet.

Step 4— Send your LOC (~ 2 Minutes)

Important: Once you have mapped your Ethereum wallet to your new Hydra wallet, you can send separate transactions to the official swapping address in any order and frequency you like. Our system will process the transactions to the same Hydra wallet without the need to resubmit the form each time. Multiple incoming transfers may be processed in bulk to optimize the flow.
For instance, you can send a test swap transfer of 1 LOC to get more comfortable with the whole flow. Once you verify you receive the HRC20 LOC into the desired HYDRA wallet, to proceed with the rest of your balance.
If you do more than one submission from the same wallet, the swapping tool will automatically recognize new submissions from the same Ethereum wallet. Swaps are always made according to the most recent (valid) mapping submission of a given Ethereum address. This means you can re-map your Ethereum wallet to a new Hydra whenever you want by repeating steps 1-3.
Now you can send your LOC to the official swapping address below:

Official Swap Address to send your ERC20 LOC AFTER you have completed the mapping process in Step 3:


Please make sure to send your LOC from the same Ethereum wallet that you had submitted the transaction hash for. LOC that are received from non-submitted addresses will be returned. They will not show up in the swapping sheet.
Once your LOC arrive at the swapping address, they will show up in the swapping sheet within ~ 10 minutes as shown below.
As you can see, 5 LOC are showing as received and are now waiting to be processed. Since the processing is done after manual verification, all you have to do is to wait (step 5= waiting). Processing is done within 24 hours, but you can expect shorter waiting times during the first week of the swap.
Once the LOC are swapped, the sheet will show it as below.
The public sheet offers a user-friendly way for you to keep track of your swap process and verify that the wallet mapping on file is valid.
Returned balances will also show the same way.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will answer some of the questions you may have:

1 — How can I see the swapped LOC I received?

→ You can see them on the Hydra explorer, by entering your wallet address: https://explorer.hydrachain.org
→ In the Webwallet, you can add LOC by following this guide
→ In the Desktop wallet, you can add them in the “HRC20 token” tab
The contract hash for adding LOC is: 4ab26aaa1803daa638910d71075c06386e391147

2 — Do I need to submit a new form for each transaction?

No. Once you have mapped a Hydra wallet to your Ethereum wallet, you can use that gateway as often as you like. For example, you can send a test transaction of 1 LOC and proceed with the full amount after you were able to confirm that it works correctly.
Please note that this gateway is only valid for the submitted Ethereum wallet. For a different Ethereum wallet you need make a new submission.

3 — There was a problem with the Wallet Mapping. What shall I do?

If you signed a wrong wallet, simply don’t submit it in the form. Unsubmitted mappings are ignored by the system.
If you made a wrong submission, or the submitted wallets don’t match, simply make a new submission. The swapping tool will automatically recognize new submissions from the same Ethereum wallet.
Swaps are always made according to the most recent (valid) submission of a given Ethereum address.

4 — Can I change my submitted Hydra address?

You can make a new submission that will override your previous submission. If you want to change your Hydra address, you will need to sign a new transaction for that Hydra address and submit it through the form (repeat from Step 1 onward with the new Hydra address).
Newly received LOC are always sent to the most recent (valid) submission made.

5 — What happens if I send LOC despite a wrong submission?

In that case, the system will return your sent LOC within 24–48 hours.

6 — What happens if I send LOC without making a submission?

In that case, the system will return your sent LOC within 24–48 hours.
For any swap support questions, feel free to join the official Hydra Chain Telegram: https://t.me/hydrachain
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