Hydra Chain Core Team

CEO of LockTrip.com - a leading blockchain travel project with 2.1 Million integrated hotels in 190+ countries through contracts with 15 of the biggest travel suppliers in the world. Seven years of experience with high-frequency algorithmic trading on high liquidity global markets.

Co-founder of the Bitcoin7 exchange that in 2011 had been one of the first exchanges in the world reaching third place in global volumes. CEO of theSEO.com agency.

Co-founder of LockTrip.com and Bitcoin7. Founder of xs-software.com, one of the most successful gaming companies in Europe with more than 50 million registered players worldwide.

Co-founder at Softuni.bg - an innovative IT education center with more than 100,000 software engineering students for its three years history, also pioneering blockchain education in Bulgaria.

Florian is an amazing addition to the human capital of Hydra. His unique analytical skills combined with powerful emotional intelligence and an innate ability to get into the finest details of any task makes him the best person to take charge of the communications strategy of the company.

Todor Yalamov has more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer. He has robust knowledge on networking, telecommunications, and security with a master degree in Computer Science from Technical University of Sofia, Todor has worked for some of the leading companies like Telco System and Minerva Networks. The recent years his focus has shifted entirely into Blockchain and Machine Learning.

More than three years of professional blockchain expertise - working with Ethereum smart contracts, Ethereum virtual machine, Bitcoin protocol. Currently focused on the Artificial intelligence and Blockchain field

Worked for two years on large-scale projects for the biggest automotive companies in the world.

Automation, Smart Contract Protocol Testing, and System QA. Performs Quality Assurance system-wide and application build stability in all major OS architectures. Maintains advanced test node network and creates services for system status information and reporting. Two years of experience in Smart Contract and ERC20 token deployment and creation and maintenance of complex functional testing scripts. Performs enhanced network blockchain transactional stress testing and corner case attack scenarios. More than five years of experience in bug detection, tracking, reporting and mitigation. Contributor to technical documentation and guides as well as professionally trained English proofreader.

Additional Credits for significant members who have been part of the development team

  • Prof. Svetlin Nakov

  • Elian Kurtenkov

  • Aleksandar Aramov

  • Galin Ivanov

  • Softuni Establishment

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